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Atheism After Christendom: unbelief in an age of encounter

Atheism After Christendom: unbelief in an age of encounter



As Christendom continues to dwindle, atheism becomes an increasingly safe pastime. Now that we live in a post-Christendom era, the New Atheists boldly oppose the god of a bygone age, whilst dutifully serving the new gods of our own age. These new gods include the insurmountable, dehumanizing and oppressive political, economic and social forces that acquire power at the expense of the powerless.

This is a call to both atheist and Christian to be faithful to their atheistic heritage. At root, this entails radical openness to radical otherness. Exploring Philosophy and Biblical Studies, Science and Ethics, Politics and Ecology, Economics and Literature, this book argues that when atheists are truly atheist and Christians truly Christian, there is true hope for a better world.

The book culminates with a presentation of the Lord’s Prayer as an atheist manifesto written to incite gracious, pragmatic, effective rebellion against the gods of the age. “Simon Perry’s provocative book throws down the gauntlet to atheists and believers alike. So-called ‘new atheists’ will welcome his attack on much of traditional Christianity – only to discover themselves exposed as worshippers of the gods of this world.

But Perry’s real challenge is to Christians, who are forced to look again at their beliefs in the light of a ‘radical atheism’.” Morna Hooker, University of Cambridge

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