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Christ Centred Living: A6 greetings card

Christ Centred Living: A6 greetings card




Mary tells us that…’This piece was the result of meditating on what defines a Christ centred life . I wanted to show the fruitfulness that comes from a life rooted in the cross of Christ and the refreshment and cleansing available to us. In the spirals I wanted to express the vibrancy of a Christ-centred life and four aspects of life; birth, death, spirituality and growth.

Each arm of the spiral, each aspect of life, is cross hatched and bumpy with patches of light and dark, showing the erratic nature of living. Each arm ends but its outline turns back towards the cross, showing that everything came from God and returns to God.’

Printing and Sizing:
This item is 105mmX148mm and is printed on 300gsm gloss card stock. Each card is blank inside, has its title and copyright details on the back and is individually wrapped in cellophane with an envelope.

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    Christ is the Light: A4 signed print

    Created: 1998 Words: Christ is the Light, May He illumine your path Christ is the Way, May He direct your life Christ is the Breath, May He feed your soul Background: The words were inspired by the Celtic Christian belief that God, as Father, Son and Spirit, infuse every part of daily life. The journey of life can be directed by Him if we allow it and its twists and turns will be clearer if seen in the light He gives. Printing and Sizing: This item is 210mm x 297mm and is printed on 300gsm card stock using our in-house printer. Each print is individually signed by Mary Fleeson and is packaged in a cellophane wrapper with a descriptive backing sheet explaining more about the piece and the Scriptorium.

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