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Given for Life

Given for Life

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A guide to motivational gifts by Andy Raine, one of the founders of the Northumbria Community. ‘It is not what you do but the underlying WHY that you do it that betrays who you are.’ Are you a ‘prophet’, ‘ruler’, mercy’, server’, teacher’, ‘exhorter’, or ‘giver’?

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  1. ‘It’s not what you do, but the underlying WHY that you do it that betrays who you are.’ Andy’s book helps you to unpack this and discover the gift that was always there: the innate responses and abilities you were born with. Are you a ‘prophet’? Or a ‘ruler’ or a ‘mercy’? A’giver’, ‘server’ or teacher’? Or perhaps an ‘exhorter’ or a ‘giver? Or a mixture? Many have been helped to relax into who they really are through working through this material: they no longer feel obliged to try to be somebody else. ‘It’s OK to be me!’ Apart from allowing you to study the different gifts and see how they might apply to you, Andy maps out the spiritual background for his approach, which is different from personality indicator schemes such as Myers-Briggs. He also provides ‘tie-breakers’ for those who cannot decide which gift they have; and he spells out some of the dangers of treating the material superficially, as opposed to working through it carefully and prayerfully.

    When you have worked through the material yourself and can appreciate the precious gift you have been granted – for life! – recommend it to your friends.

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