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Streams of Living Water

Streams of Living Water


Isn’t it a shame that the rich tapestry of Christian belief and practice has so often been rigidly carved up, crammed into denominational boxes and padlocked shut? Richard Foster addresses this by identifying six major strands of Christian spirituality within the worldwide church that have contributed at various times and places across the centuries. They are: The Contemplative tradition – or the Prayer-filled life, The Holiness tradition – or the Virtuous life, The Charismatic tradition – or the Spirit-empowered life, The Social Justice tradition – or the Compassionate life, The Evangelical tradition – or the Word-centred life, The Incarnational tradition – or the Sacramental life, Foster’s celebration of spiritual life incorporates history’s most significant Christian figures and movements. It serves as a refreshing example of how real peopl have evaded preconceived ideas and lived wonderful Christ-centred lives in spite of constricting labels.

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