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The Awesome Journey: Life’s Pilgrimage

The Awesome Journey: Life’s Pilgrimage



Drawing on a lifetime of Christian pilgrimage, David Adam reflects on biblical encounters with the divine.

God’s question to Adam, ‘Where are you?’ is relevant to us all; Abraham’s long journey of hearing and obeying (and learning the art of having no agenda) is ours too; Jacob’s great discovery – that heaven is found on earth and earth is raise to heaven – helps us to become aware that we often already possess what we think we’re searching for. Moses’ desert experiences of grief and glory encourage us to press on to the Promised Land; Elijah’s powerlessness reminds us that God often call us out of darkness and weakness, and that we may need stillness to hear him. The story of the prodigal son’s return is a disarming reminder of the welcome that awaits each one of us; while Paul’s call to rejoice inspires us to be present fully to each day.

As we continue to move forward, these profound insights – on grief and glory, emptiness and fulfilment, repentance and forgiveness, loving and being loved will transform the way we live and the way we relate to God, here and now.

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