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The Journey to the Cross and Beyond: stations around Lindisfarne

The Journey to the Cross and Beyond: stations around Lindisfarne



The Stations of the Cross are a series of images that tell the story of the events leading up to, and sometimes including, the resurrection. The images are often presented alongside prayers and meditations and are intended to provide a preparation for Easter Day.

Meditating on the Stations can be an amazing journey of discovery, an opportunity to journey to the foot of the cross, to be challenged by the sacrifice and reassured by the resurrection. The Stations in this book will, I hope, guide and help you in that journey, they follow the ‘Scriptural Way of the Cross’ developed by Pope John Paul ll, with the addition of the resurrection (He is Risen) and are set around the village of Lindisfarne, Northumbria, UK. I have chosen to place this ancient and terrible journey around my home village but the meditations and prayers included could be used anywhere (you could find places around your own house or town or garden) and the book can also be used whilst sitting quietly.

‘The Journey to the Cross and Beyond’ is a glossy softcover book which combines stunning images of Holy Island drawn by Mary Fleeson with additional characters taken from the bible with poems, prayers and meditations written by Mary in response to the images.

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