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Threshold of Light: daily readings from the Celtic tradition

Threshold of Light: daily readings from the Celtic tradition


This delightful book draws on one of out richest native spiritual traditions, the Celtic heritage, and presents extracts from Irish, Welsh and Scottish sources in a form suitable for daily meditation. The Celts had an extraordinarily clear spiritual vision, born of close association with nature. They thought in vivid images: making a fire, the wind in the wood, the song of the birds, the white waves of the sea. Yet the sense of light and the sense of incarnation which runs through so much Celtic writing is only possible because of its recognition of the dark of sin and evil, and also its acknowledgement of the power of the cross of the resurrection. A belief in the sacredness of the earth, a belief that the victory of the cross illumines and transforms the everyday, an awareness that despite the dark, heaven is not far from us, all this shines through these pages and brings us into closer contact with these fascinating people.

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