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Undivided Heart : Finding Meaning and Motivation in Christ

Undivided Heart : Finding Meaning and Motivation in Christ



`”Give me an undivided heart.”`Something in my soul has always been snagged by that phrase in Psalm 86. Something in it speaks to me of my own heart division, my own disarray. It captures a deeper longing, beyond the surface chatter of my mind.

I find, amid the muddle that is me, that there is something – someone – calling me on, gathering together my disparate, fraying threads and weaving them into a story greater than I could ever perceive.’Why do we do what we do? What makes us who we are? And what could make us more?In Undivided Heart, Lucy Mills digs deep in search of an understanding of human identity, purpose and living by faith, asking what the influences are that shape us and define us. She explores what it might mean to have an undivided heart – to live a life compelled by Christ’s love, undistracted by all other motives. This is not a book of easy answers.

It is a book of deep questioning, of relationship, honesty and encounter, counter-cultural in our age of social media, soundbite news and mass communication. But God can meet us in our confusion and distraction as much as in our certainty. Join Lucy on her exploration of this demanding, fragmented life, and the quest for a faith that is deeper, stronger and undivided.

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