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Wild Goose: A6 greetings card

Wild Goose: A6 greetings card



In modern Celtic tradition the Holy Spirit is represented as a bird, but not the peaceful and serene dove landing on Jesus at his baptism.

The Wild Goose tells a different side of the Holy Spirit. To begin with, wild geese aren’t controllable, you can’t restrain a wild goose and bend it to your will. They’re raucous and loud, unlike the sweet and calming cooing of a dove, a goose’s call is strong, challenging, strident and unnerving – and just a bit scary.

In much the same way the Spirit of God can be demanding and unsettling and at times even a little scary.

Printing and Sizing:

This item is 105mm x 148mm and is printed on 300gsm gloss card stock. Each card is blank inside, has its title and copyright details on the back and is individually wrapped in cellophane with an envelope.

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