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Be stronger than each storm in me A4 print

Be stronger than each storm in me A4 print


Lynda Owen-Hussey, a companion with the Northumbria Community, is a mixed media artist living on the shores of the West Coast of Ireland in County Kerry, close to the birthplace of St Brendan. These days, her work is inspired by the many gifts of the sea she encounters on walks along the shore, often pondering the life of St Brendan and the many monks of old who inhabited this land.

In describing this original artwork Lynda says:

This artwork is inspired by a verse in the Northumbria Community’s Brendan Liturgy:

     Christ of the mysteries, can I trust you to be stronger than each storm in me?

We read that Brendan and his companions cried out in prayer as they encountered storms on the ocean, trusting God as they sailed on in search of the land of promise. In Mark 6 we find Jesus’s disciples in a boat straining against the wind and becoming terrified as they see Jesus walking out to them over the water. He calls out to his disciples ‘Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.’ As he climbs into the boat the wind ceases. We too can cry out to God when we find ourselves in the midst of life’s storms trusting that Jesus is with us always.

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