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Help me to journey beyond the familiar 210mm square print

Help me to journey beyond the familiar 210mm square print


Lynda Owen-Hussey, a companion with the Northumbria Community, is a mixed media artist living on the shores of the West Coast of Ireland in County Kerry, close to the birthplace of St Brendan. These days, her work is inspired by the many gifts of the sea she encounters on walks along the shore, often pondering the life of St Brendan and the many monks of old who inhabited this land.

In describing this original artwork Lynda says:

Painted whilst on retreat at Nether Springs, the Mother House of the Northumbria Community,  this artwork is inspired by a verse in the Northumbria Community’s Brendan Liturgy:

    Lord, I will trust You, help me to journey beyond the familiar and into the unknown. 

Brendan’s journey begins as his heart is stirred by a vision that takes him beyond his present circumstances and surroundings. In Genesis 12 we find Abram, who like Brendan, followed the call of God to leave the familiar comforts of home and venture towards the land of promise. Sometimes we hear that call ourselves, but oftentimes it is discomfort or the unexpected which proves to be the catalyst that opens us afresh to seeking out new ways as we journey in trust.

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