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Prayer Beads

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Wooden beads plus a metal celtic cross that can be held in the hand as an aid to prayer. Rob Davies, who has lost his sight and puts these together with the help of his wife, finds that holding the cross and using the individual beads helps him to keep praying. Others have also found them very helpful and we commend them. The pack contains suggestions as to how the beads might best be used, showing how each bead can be used to pray through the Midday Office from Celtic Daily Prayer. Colours may vary.

A small number of packs containing beads in the form of a string rather than a loop are available on request. Please email the office.

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Dimensions 15.3 × 11.8 × 1.5 cm


  1. I love prayer beads and this is a simple set that would satisfy many people. They are neat and colourful and well bound with what seems like wire so they shouldn’t burst all over the floor in chapel any time soon. They come with some simple suggested prayers though I like to keep mine even simpler with use of the Holy Cross prayer, the Lord’s prayer and the Jesus prayer which I can manage without recourse to a bit of paper.

    Now for the criticisms. I like to hold prayer beads in one hand with the beads around 4 fingers and held by the thumb. This set is too small to hold like that. It’s also too small to fit over my wrist when I’m using the prayer beads in bed during sleepless nights when I want a more spiritual alternative to counting sheep – that way I don’t loose the beads in the bed when I drift off! I also find the individual ‘weeks’ beads themselves to be too small for reliable counting between my thumb and finger.

    In short like the beads as an idea but think the implementation is too small for me and would warrant being about 33% larger all round. Whilst doing that they could fix the garish colours for the larger version.

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