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There are 52 (business card size) cards in this set – one a week of the year to use how you please to help the Rule of the Northumbria Community sink deep. Each card contains a quotation from, or about, the Rule. The idea is that you can take one out of the box at a time and keep it in your pocket or handbag, or prop it on your desk or beside your bed – wherever it works for you to be regularly reminded through the week of the thought displayed. It can be an aid to meditation or a spur to action. Alternatively, you might choose to use them as bookmarks – or in all sorts of other ways that might work for you. The words are set against 3 designs: A candle for AVAILABILITY, A beach lifebuoy for VULNERABILITY, A ‘coracle’ for words from or about the Rule which apply to both categories. The set of 52 cards is supplied in a plain clear plastic box.

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