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Timeless Simplicity: Creative living in a consumer society

Timeless Simplicity: Creative living in a consumer society



This is a book about simplicity – not destitution, not parsimoniousness, not self-denial – but the restoration of wealth in the midst of an affluence in which we are starving the spirit. It is a book about the advantages of living a less cluttered, stressful life than that which many of us are now living in the overcrowded and manic-paced consuming nations. It is a book that has nothing to do with subsistence living on the Lake Isle of Innisfree, but everything to do with having less and enjoying more – enjoying time to do the work you love, enjoying time to spend with your family, enjoying time to pursue creative projects, enjoying time for good eating, enjoying time just to be.

Another theme of the book concerns the future of our home, the Earth. Up to the end of the 19th century, the Earth consisted of a world of oceans and land masses teeming with all kinds of life, but our grandchildren will inherit one with less than 20 percent of its original forests still intact, with most of the readily available fresh water already spoken for, with most of the wetlands and reef systems either destroyed or degraded. Sooner or later a more frugal lifestyle will not only be desirable – it will become an imperative.









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